Sulamot Music for
Social Change

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s Music Outreach
Program is opening the world of music to Israel’s children


Sulamot – Music for Social Change is an innovative and inspiring music education program initiated by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in 2010. Our mission is to create social change by opening the world of music to children from low socio-economic backgrounds from various sectors in Israeli society.

“Sulamot” in Hebrew means both a ladder and a musical scale. It is our hope that these children will learn to climb the ladder of success via their musical experiences.



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Sulamot Participant

Plays the Trombone

In the beginning, I didn't have patience, I disturbed and I couldn't sit still. Now I behave better and I really look forward to every music lesson.

Sulamot Participant

Plays the Clarinet

Music has a special place in my heart, when I play, it lifts my spirits.


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Sulamot’s Hanukah 2020 Concerts

The Sulamot-Music for Social Change Program continued in Neve Michael’s Children’s Village throughout COVID-19 and truly inspired the children during such challenging times. The talented

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