Sulamot’s Winter Concert at Neve Michael Children’s Village

Sulamot’s Chairperson, Rachel Ofer, and Sulamot’s CEO, Yair Mashiach, were present at Sulamot’s winter concert at the Neve Michael Children’s Village in Pardes Hana. The talented children performed in various ensembles and in the orchestras and made their conductors Martha Mc’cave Dayan and Tsah Gertner very proud. Neve Michael’s Director, David Fridman and Deputy Director, Yechiam Sherlo, and Aviva Haziza, the Principal of Neve Michael’s onsite school, expressed their gratitude for having such a wonderful and inspiring program that is making a difference in the lives of Neve Michael’s children.

A very moving moment was when Mrs. Ofer and Mr. Fridman surprised G., a very talented advanced player, by giving him a new professional tenor saxophone.

G. is preparing for his matriculation exams in music. We wish him great success.

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