Gabi Herzig –
What a Success Story!

Gabi Herzig, a talented saxophone player and a graduate of Sulamot’s Advanced Program, has been accepted to the Israel Defense Forces orchestra. It is such a great honor and Gabi certainly deserves it after all of his hard work and exceptional talent.

Gabi grew up at Neve Michael Children’s Village in Pardes Hana and joined the Sulamot program when he was in the third grade and chose to play the saxophone. It was a decision that would eventually  change his life.

Gabi played in Israel’s Youth Orchestra and performed in an international orchestra that gave a Zoom performance during COVID-19. Due to Gabi’s talent and his hard work, Sulamot and Neve Michael have purchased a personal saxophone for him. Without a doubt, thanks to Sulamot, Gabi has come a long way and makes everyone really proud.

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